NASTeC Certification Helps You Meet Your Goals

Whether you are a technician or a business owner or both, you sell knowledge and performance. NASTeC certification recognizes that repairing modern, sophisticated appliances requires professional skills and constant learning.

If you are striving to be as good as you can be ... then let NASTeC help you to achieve this goal. Wearing the NASTeC emblem and service bars tells everyone you are a step ahead ... and serious about it! Make every effort to equip yourself to be "The Best."

Plan to move your career forward to meet the goals set for yourself and your family. The key is knowledge. Appliance techs must keep up with the advances in technology and design of the equipment they service. When you are in this mode, the difference between you and those who are not so dedicated will be striking. Show all those around you, those whom you serve, and those who employ you that you are "The Best." NASTeC certification exhibits your capabilities. Include yourself in the top ranks of your profession — Get NASTeC certified!

NASTeC certification lets you show your customers and manufacturers that you offer superior knowledge and performance. It is the highest level of professional recognition in the appliance service industry.

NASTeC Certification Qualifies Technicians

Get the respect and career growth you deserve. Prove that you are the skilled professional you know you are. NASTeC certification is the highest level of professional recognition in the appliance service industry.

  • Gain respect for your skills and accomplishments from your customers.
  • Become more valuable to your employer.
  • Increase opportunities for career advancement.
  • Earn better job security.
  • Differentiate yourself from non-certified workers

NASTeC Certification Helps Business Owners

Increase your service income. Increase your profits. Solve employee problems. When you employ NASTeC certified technicians:

  • You have a new advertising tool that differentiates you from your competition.
  • You boost your image with customers and manufacturers.
  • You have a new tool for evaluating technicians and applicants.
  • You can attract more competent techs.
  • You can reward and retain skilled techs.
  • You get logos to use in your ads and your technicians can get uniform patches to show consumers that you are a first-class, professional organization.


Your customer judges your complete worth to him by the personal appearance, conduct and quality of the work your service technician delivers.

Your service techs are more likely to please the customer when they are pleased with themselves. Self-confidence is a key part of being NASTeC certified.

Your "bottom line" will improve when your techs perform more skillfully due to the knowledge and self-confidence acquired through NASTeC.